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US-5527588-A: Micro heat pipe panels and method for producing same patent, US-5689228-A: Parallel magnitude comparison using manchester carry chains patent, US-5739445-A: Guitar slide bar holder patent, US-6255132-B1: Method of lining up micro-balls patent, US-6498724-B1: Heat dissipation device for a computer patent, US-6567313-B2: Nonvolatile memory, semiconductor device and method of programming to nonvolatile memory patent, US-6601618-B2: Filling apparatus and filling method therefor patent, US-3797363-A: Tools carrying heads, more particularly for transfer machines patent, US-3839727-A: Semiconductor chip to substrate solder bond using a locally dispersed, ternary intermetallic compound patent, US-3844400-A: Control system for accumulating conveyors patent, US-3891535-A: Aquarium water treatment apparatus patent, US-3945877-A: Cross linkable thermoplastic adhesives patent, US-3999643-A: Electrical interlock safety control to prevent operation of mower during reverse travel patent, US-4046086-A: Treatment of waste material containing alkali metals in a controlled atmosphere furnace patent, US-4116015-A: Method and apparatus for remotely attaching a riser pipe to an offshore structure patent, US-4310239-A: Reproduction camera apparatus patent, US-4342752-A: Carbalkoxymethyl derivatives of rutin poly(H-)sulfate and method of use patent, US-4466177-A: Storage capacitor optimization for one device FET dynamic RAM cell patent, US-4526976-A: Thieno[3,2-b]benzofuran and benzothiophene derivatives useful as optical brightening agents patent, US-4593734-A: Frame routing apparatus patent, US-4634227-A: Optical modulating device having projection on substrate for registration patent, US-4727515-A: High density programmable memory array patent, US-4773544-A: Multiple pocket pen holder patent, US-4903741-A: Pneumatic action dispenser for filling bottles with soda and carbon dioxide patent, US-5001127-A: 4-substituted pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidine derivatives patent, US-5103310-A: Interference reduction for extra-spectrum, compatible television system patent, US-5166646-A: Integrated tunable resonators for use in oscillators and filters patent, US-5286550-A: Process for producing a patterned metal surface patent, US-5326422-A: Labelling machine for labelling vessels patent, US-5434042-A: Silver halide photographic material patent, US-5514695-A: Anti-neoplastic, anti-viral and ribonucleotide reductase activity affecting pharmaceutical compositions and methods of treatment patent, US-5543277-A: Photographic elements containing scavengers for oxidized developing agent patent, US-5585505-A: Hatching agent for the potato cyst nematode patent, US-5643181-A: Multipurpose massaging apparatus patent, US-5757334-A: Graphite composite structures exhibiting electrical conductivity patent, US-5822754-A: Recording and reproducing apparatus with selectable I/O control patent, US-5830441-A: Photostable UV absorbent containing A-cyano cinnamyl moiety patent, US-5933704-A: Method to reveal the architecture of multilayer interconnectors in integrated circuits patent, US-6239509-B1: Method and apparatus for voltage regulation in multi-output switched mode power supplies patent, US-6245904-B1: Recombinant polypeptide based on the primary sequence of the invariant chain with at least one primary sequence of a specific T-cell epitope or a protein derivative and nucleic acids coding for this recombinant polypeptide patent, US-6306797-B1: Plant growth regulator and process for producing the same patent, US-6667931-B2: Memory circuit designed for a parallel reading or writing access to data comprising various components patent, US-6675830-B2: Valve unit capable of monitoring output pressure patent, US-3810591-A: Dispensing machine for coil stock patent, US-3819527-A: Composition and method for inhibiting acid attack of metals patent, US-3969678-A: Band pass filter circuit with automatic bandwidth adjust patent, US-4043316-A: Modular direct solar heat window unit patent, US-4071752-A: Self-synchronizing optical imaging system patent, US-4098415-A: Method for rotating hose patent, US-4107479-A: Electro-acoustic transducer patent, US-4309376-A: Method for producing a shoe sole patent, US-4473365-A: Detachable link chain patent, US-4517336-A: Rubber mixtures giving reversion-free vulcanizates and process of vulcanization patent, US-4519386-A: Mouth splint patent, US-4523359-A: Machine with an intermittently rotating table for the preformance of work operations patent, US-4602409-A: Method for securing a funnel-shaped guide member in a self-adjusting hydraulic tappet patent, US-4652795-A: External plasma gun patent, US-4759904-A: Pressurized water reactor having improved calandria assembly patent, US-4897019-A: Device for taking containers out of a pile and processing machine equipped with this device patent, US-4962062-A: Method of tightly joining two semiconductor substrates patent, US-4981089-A: Process for the reduction of nitrogen monoxide emissions during the combustion of solid fuels patent, US-5129796-A: Automotive fuel pump patent, US-5136856-A: Cooling system patent, US-5141791-A: Curable polyphenylene ether-polyepoxide compositions from melt processed polyphenylene ethers, and laminates prepared therefrom patent, US-5204114-A: Methods of manufacturing high dosage glutathione the tablets and capsules produced thereby patent, US-5235846-A: Fuel cell leakage detection technique patent, US-5258867-A: Base station performance enhancements for infrared-linked telephone and communications systems patent, US-5287174-A: Vertical resolution correcting circuit for video signal patent, US-5300482-A: Oxide superconductors patent, US-5322004-A: Telescoping fluid actuator patent, US-5423910-A: Slip resistant treatment patent, US-5588921-A: Golf club patent, US-5660690-A: Method for distilling hexamethylcyclotrisiloxane patent, US-5712266-A: Cephalosporins patent, US-5747219-A: Image-receiving elements patent, US-5859161-A: Silicone phosphate esters as irritation mitigants patent, US-5967020-A: Automatic bread maker patent, US-6040233-A: Method of making a shallow trench isolation with thin nitride as gate dielectric patent, US-6203978-B1: Capture of single stranded nucleic acids patent, US-6331452-B1: Method of fabricating integrated circuit package with opening allowing access to die patent, US-6385609-B1: System and method for analyzing and displaying telecommunications switch report output patent, US-6409165-B1: Sheet holder and sheet trailing edge restriction member therefor patent, US-6423587-B1: Method for fabricating a MOS transistor patent, US-6472942-B1: Parasitically compensated resistor for integrated circuits patent, US-6560830-B1: Structure of a plug-in fastening device patent, US-6612004-B2: Complex machining machine tool patent, US-3901256-A: Paint can lid with paint roller cleaning means patent, US-4007085-A: Nuclear reactor fuel elements patent, US-4160985-A: Photosensing arrays with improved spatial resolution patent, US-4189534-A: Cell culture microcarriers patent, US-4227222-A: Hand-operated tape recorder for dictation patent, US-4246262-A: Derivatives of amidinopenicillanic acid patent, US-4302574-A: Phosphonium phenoxide catalysts for promoting reacting of epoxides with phenols and/or carboxylic acids patent, US-4344074-A: Magnetic field producing apparatus patent, US-4394577-A: Displacement measurement device and method patent, US-4596782-A: Process for manufacturing catalysts containing copper, zinc and aluminum, useful for producing methanol from synthesis gas patent, US-4660444-A: Hardening of selected areas of an earth boring rockbit patent, US-4661363-A: Process for preparing peanut flavor concentrate patent, US-4701859-A: Inspecting method and apparatus for a photomask pattern patent, US-4778918-A: Process for the co-production of aromatic carboxylate and alkyl iodides patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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